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Editorial: Explore new culture with Buddha visit

There is a unique cultural opportunity coming to the the Farmington area next week.

No, not the Dakota County Fair. Or, not just the county fair anyway.

Along with the animal barns and fried foods, Farmington and Rosemount residents will have the opportunity next week to take in a world-traveling Buddha sculpture carved from a massive piece of gem-quality jade. The finished product is more than eight feet tall and weighs more than four tons. It is enormous, and it has been making the rounds through Europe, Asia and the United States as a symbol of peace.

The Jade Buddha for Universal Peace will be on display Aug. 6-10 at the Watt Munisotaram Temple on Highway 50 in Hampton. The temple itself is a special cultural experience. Tucked behind an ordinary-looking farmhouse, it looks like it might have been lifted straight out of Cambodia and dropped into the middle of a corn field. It houses monks, and is the site of celebrations for Cambodian Buddhists from around the Twin Cities.

The members of the temple have put together a full schedule of activities to surround the jade Buddha’s visit. There will be chanting and dancing and parades. There will be an opportunity to explore a culture that is completely foreign to many local residents. And it’s all just a few miles away.

We’re looking forward to the Buddha’s visit. We hope everybody takes advantage of the opportunity.