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Sen. Matt Little: First impressions and getting to work at the Capitol

Sen. Matt Little

After a long campaign and a whirlwind first month at the state Capitol, I'm finally catching my breath and settling into the new office. Being elected a Minnesota state senator is one of the highest honors of my life. The support of my family, friends and so many folks in the district has been incredibly special.

As you know, I have an inability to sit still. Since being elected, I've attended city council meetings in Randolph and New Trier, been to a police and fire fundraiser in Farmington, did a home visit to learn more about autism policy, guest bartended at Heavy Metal Grill, and have attended ribbon cuttings around the district. Hearing everyone's stories and opinions continues to inspire me to work even harder to make this a better state.

Meeting after meeting, handshake to handshake, I've been working to change the way we do politics. Right now, political division in Minnesota and across the country runs deep, and it's painful for many of us. I believe, however, that you can begin to change that division at a more local level. In order to do good things for Minnesotans, Democrats and Republicans have to learn how to work together. I've taken that to heart in one of my first big votes on the health insurance premium relief bill a few weeks ago.

The bill I voted for was a compromise between the House and the Senate. The agreement removed harmful provisions that would've allowed insurance companies to carve out essential benefits, like cancer coverage, and it guaranteed premium relief this year, not in 2018. The bill also included provisions to make it more affordable for small businesses to self-insure and to allow agricultural co-ops to offer insurance to their members. The bill wasn't perfect, but it did move us forward and it did have some really important provisions that many of you asked for. For me, this vote signaled that a more bipartisan, more cohesive politics is possible in our state.

Beyond health care, I'm working on a number of bills such as reducing the Social Security benefit tax, securing funding for local infrastructure projects, and making Minnesota Department of Transportation decisions more transparent to citizens. Those bills all have support from both sides of the aisle.

If you have ideas for bills or have opinions or questions on legislation that is being heard at the Capitol, you can email me at or you can call my office at 651-296-5252. Also, let us know if you'd like to come and visit. We'll get you set up with a tour of the renovated Capitol. Hope to hear from you.

Sen. Matt Little represents District 58 in the Minnesota Senate. District 58 includes Farmington and Lakeville, as well as cities and townships across southern Dakota County and northern Goodhue County.