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Editorial: Another successful homecoming at FHS

It wasn't all that long ago that homecoming was a challenging time at Farmington High School. The weeklong celebration seemed to be less an opportunity to display school spirit and welcome alumni home than it was a chance for students to stay out late, toilet paper houses and, in some cases, do worse than that.

There were concerns about the damage students were doing, and about the possibility someone might get hurt.

That has changed, and it seems difficult now to imagine homecoming going any other way.

The students at FHS deserve a lot of credit for that. It was the students who got together and decided something needed to be done. They took responsibility for planning new activities, for finding ways to get student attention focused on the school rather than on late-night neighborhood raids.

The results have been impressive. Students have responded by getting involved, and the community has jumped on board as well. As a school board member pointed out Monday, last Wednesday's homecoming parade featured more than half as many floats as June's Dew Days parade. That's remarkable considering all of the floats were local. Many were put together by school groups, and others came from businesses and organizations in the community that jumped at the chance to support FHS.

Farmington High School students put in a lot of work to make homecoming something for the school and the community as a whole to be proud of. There will likely always be incidents of toilet papering. That's kids being kids. But overall, homecoming at FHS is a very different experience than it was just a few years ago.

That's something Farmington High School can be proud of.