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Letter to the editor: Opposed to boundary plan

To the editor,

I am a 12-year resident of Tamarack Estates neighborhood and I am very saddened by recent proposals made by Farmington Public School Attendance Area Committee.

Within three different options, my street and my children will not remain at their current elementary school, FES.

Farmington Public Schools prides itself on building community within schools and neighborhoods.

During the last 12 years residents on Camden Path have become part of a larger community with the housing developments to our north such as, Park Place. The children of Camden Path (Tamarack Estates) can safely walk, bike and play with the children they go to school with within these neighborhoods.

The three current proposals from the Attendance Area Committee move our children/students who live on Camden Path and currently attend Farmington Elementary School to Riverview Elementary School. With this change, we are being segregated from the Park Place community and combined with Empire Township.

Looking at this move from the perspective of a working parent who is a Minneapolis teacher, I am concerned my children will be isolated from their new school community, Riverview. In order to get to the Empire Township neighborhood, one would have to cross Hwy. 3 or County Road 66, this is not a safe option. Therefore, the children on Camden Path would always need to depend on an adult to safely transport them to and from school friends’ homes for recreational play. That is not what neighborhood schools are all about.

Not only I am upset with the segregating of the neighborhoods, but 12 years ago when my husband and I decided to move to Farmington we were looking for a school that offered our children opportunities and experiences they would need to be successful in society. FES has those qualities. FES has the most diverse elementary population in the district.

I would really encourage the Attendance Area Committee to rethink their options and give the families of Camden Path the chance to be heard and the opportunity to continue to be a part of the community Farmington has worked hard to create rather than separate.

Residents of Camden Path and Park Place neighborhood, please support me at on Wednesday Nov. 13, at 7 p.m. at Akin Road Elementary when I speak at the community meeting regarding boundary changes.

Janee’ Rivard-Johnson,


Nathan Hansen

Nathan Hansen has been a reporter and editor with the Farmington Independent and the Rosemount Town Pages since 1997. He is very tall.

(651) 460-6606