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Letter to the editor: Who is truly thankful for veterans?

To the editor,

A letter from a State Representative recently pointed out that we should thank our veterans. The willingness to sacrifice our life for our country is honorable. I find it incredible that elected officials would stint on supplying troops with all the protection possible, yet there have been some who hesitated to fund body armor for American troops in battle. IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan have killed or maimed indiscriminately. Still some legislators have delayed in reinforcing combat vehicles.

If my child is in harm's way, I want all precautions taken to safeguard his or her life. Mike Obermueller is running for Congress to restore a sanity to American government. Mike believes that we need to cut wasteful spending, but says we need to be smart about it. He says we shouldn't give breaks to the wealthy while we make life difficult for middle-income citizens. We can ask millionaires and energy companies to pay their fair share without big subsidies. He says we can invest in high-technology for high growth. Research can help put people back to work.

Mike has worked hard in life, and he's not afraid of it. He also believes in working smarter. As we help people back to work after a deep, difficult recession, Obermueller's savvy experience in building entrepreneurship and employment can propel us in new areas of sustainable business success. I like Mike Obermueller's advocacy for folks who work hard to feed their families and educate their kids. I trust his priorities. Mike gives me good reason for giving thanks at this time of year.

Cathy Johnson, Farmington

Nathan Hansen

Nathan Hansen has been a reporter and editor with the Farmington Independent and the Rosemount Town Pages since 1997. He is very tall.

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