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Letter to the editor: Farmington must move beyond small-town thinking

To the editor,

For many years, my family and I have lived in Farmington, and I have a question that has bothered me for years. Why doesn’t Farmington build “retail, grocery, entertainment south of Hwy. 50.  I know the land is for sale or at least there’s a sign “for sale” there.  

Another question, what can Farmington do to keep the exceptional athletes in the Farmington school system. I know several athletes, including my child, that head to other clubs so our kids can at least be on a team that has a chance of winning.

We have the population, we have the new high school. I truly believe we screwed up not building that sports complex.  Farmington, cannot sit on the sidelines and wish we had a good team. We need to develop our younger generation into winners for this town’s future.

Next year this town will get a rude awakening when we go up against the big boys in football.  I want this

town to be seen as a proud place. We have Tiger Pride. 

Last night I went to the Farmington gymnastics meet in Northfield.  It was against Northfield and Red Wing. Every time a Red Wing’s gymnast was going their whole team cheered louder and it was awesome to experience.  While Northfield had girls that were very good and it showed, we had a little excitement because a “club” girl is now on the team.

I realize this has become a rant more than a question but this town/city needs to forget about staying small minded/small town. Farmington isn’t small anymore and I am sick of losing.

Duffy Altermatt,