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Letter to the editor: Leave class rank alone at FHS

To the editor,

Recently the topic of class rank was discussed at a meeting held by the (Farmington) school board and parents. The board members wanted to take the class rank out of the students’ profile. They believe that it could be preventing students from taking challenging classes because the students fear that it could lower their class rank. I would like Farmington High School to keep the class ranks on all of the students’ profiles, whether they request it or not.

As an honored graduate of Farmington High School, having access to my class rank motivated me to take more challenging courses to help increase my rank. It also made it easier to narrow down my college choices. If the students don’t have access to their rank, they would have to make an appointment with their counselors. From experience, I know how difficult it is to get a hold of them especially at the end of the semester. By letting the students have access to their rank it would avoid hassle for the students and the counselors.

The class rank can serve as a motivation for students to challenge themselves by taking honors or Advanced Placement classes. The courses are more challenging but the grades are weighted. The students can also get college credits if they pass the test that’s given at the end of the year.

An article done by the College Board website on class rank and admission stated that most large state universities still require applicants to report class rank, as do many scholarship programs. Having a class rank would allow the hard-working students to get their response faster from the college of their choice.

Vouchleang Chea,