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Letter to the editor: Faith Church situation is a ‘comedy of errors’

To the editor,

I have called Faith United Methodist Church my church for 65 years. What is happening to our church lately could be written as a comedy of errors were it not true. Are we closing or not? Depends on the day.

We were told of the closing on a Sunday morning after the service. The congregation was stunned, devastated and angry. 160 years of history taken from us in a split second.

We at Faith are not alone. It is happening across our nation whether or not we pay our apportionments (dues) in full to our state Conferences. Churches from California, Colorado, Alaska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Virginia (who voted to close their doors rather than pay dues to the church’s hierarchy), Alabama and Florida.

According to the Florida Conference Connection’s publication, “Why Discontinue Congregations?” such decisions are made “for pastoral reasons because it is better for the members to acknowledge and to accept the necessity and wisdom of the discontinuance. Occasionally, members lack the perspective to make this acknowledgement or to accept discontinuance.”

So here we are, Faith of Farmington whose doors will be closed, exactly when, we and they do not know. This year, next year, no land purchased, no plans for the building (if there is to be one). There are lots of details to be worked out. Organization would be a great start, but, it will be a new start church somewhere in Empire Township, Farmington or Rosemount area that will attract the 30-35 year olds with family. Really? And what about the old congregation? Where will they go? How many miles will they travel? These are the very people who built and paid for and supported Faith Church all these years. What do you tell a 95-year-old lady when she asks, “Now, where will I be buried from?”

Phyllis Betzold,