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Letter to the editor: Volunteers help nursing home run

To the editor,

My name is Joy Lauterbach and I work at the Trinity Campus as the activity and volunteer coordinator. I’ve had the honor of working with our seniors and volunteers for over 10 years, and God-willing, I hope I get to spend the next 10 years of my life here as well! The residents are stellar, making every day a total treat to see their faces and what a joy it is for the staff of Trinity to serve and meet their needs.

I’d like to take the opportunity to shed light on our unique care center. Every year, we are inspected by the state of Minnesota to ensure we are giving our residents optimal care. This includes overseeing all departments such as nursing, therapy, social services, dietary, housekeeping, human resources, maintenance and activities. The state interviews residents and various family members to get a general overview of their overall satisfaction and happiness.

This year, the Trinity Care Center was deficiency free. In the past five years, we’ve gone four years deficiency free. What does this mean? Acccording to the Casper Report, which is federal data, roughly 6 percent of Minnesota care centers receive a deficiency free report, which would equate to 23 care centers out of approximately 380. Trinity has exceeded this with four years being deficiency free out of five, a statistic that Aging Services says is unheard of.

What does this mean? It means that the Trinity Care Center staff give their job 100 percent and then some. What a loving staff to work with. I am so proud to work with these angels. It also means that you volunteers are a colossal part of making our residents happy. You spend quality time helping us with crafts, music, games, manicures, religious support, outings, Bingo, and so much more. Volunteers, you give residents your gift of time and you open up your hearts to share in their happiness, their sorrows and their memories. You give them a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen.

Thank you to all of those who walk through the doors of Trinity to serve as either a staff or volunteer. I hope you understand the difference you’ve made in so many lives. You’ve created more memories than you will ever know.

Joy Lauterbach,

Director of activities, volunteer services and fundraising