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Thank you: Community support was ‘overwhelming’ at benefit

On Saturday, May 3 a benefit was given for me and my family at Celts in Farmington. I’ve been going through some difficult health issues and  some wonderful people decided to show how much they care. 

Since Saturday night I have been trying to come up with the right words to thank everyone.  A simple “thank you” just isn’t adequate.  I’ve decided there are no words that could ever describe the overwhelming feelings I’ve been through. 

I cannot grasp the outpouring of generosity, concern and love from family, friends, my amazing community and even total strangers.  I know there were some that traveled pretty far to support us. That was a wonderful surprise.

I need to thank Shannon Nielsen with my whole heart. She is the person behind the whole night. She is a wonderful friend and neighbor. She and her husband Erik have been amazing.

I also need to thank the rest of the Nielsen family, Wisdorf/Nelson family, Tutewohl family, Olson family, Dan’s Dakota County Lumber family and numerous others. We will forever be grateful for your generosity, time, caring and support while my family and I were going through this difficult time.

To everyone that donated the wonderful auction items, monetary donations and for those that attended the benefit and for those that were there in spirit you are all truly angels. 

Brenda Partington-McGath, Dan McGath and Jordyn Keprios