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Letter to the editor: Clean up junky yards

To the editor,

At the May 5 Farmington City Council meeting it was brought to the attention of the council members by Mr. Orndorff that he read in papers that surrounding towns are limiting the number of cars, trucks, trailers and campers which homeowners can have on their property.

A large number of locations in the city of Farmington were pointed out by Mr. Orndorff to the council members. One of these pointed out is located on our street and my home value has decreased.

We are a resident for 76 years and a homeowner for 55 years at 27 Walnut and First Street. We’ve always felt safe here on Walnut Street, but now, with the other property having so many, many, many trucks, cars, trailers and Bobcats, we do not feel safe, because there are so many cars loaded with young people coming and going all day and night. They are all complete strangers.

Do the council members care about the beauty of our town? They live here too, and it reflects back on them what they do to help this town while they are in office. Maybe the council members don’t live in these areas, but are they proud to drive through our town (maybe on Sunday) and see all of these eyesores?

If the surrounding towns feel a need to limit the number of trucks, cars, trailers, campers or other equipment, why are council members neglecting this problem for the residents and the beauty of our city of Farmington.

Ellsworth and Kay Hoeppner,