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Letter to the editor: Faith United Methodist pastor says farewell

To the editor,

Very soon I will be taking my leave as pastor of the Faith United Methodist Church and bidding farewell to the community of Farmington. I wish to express to the people of Farmington my deep appreciation for the prayers and support offered to the congregation Faith UMC during this difficult time of transition.

Pastor Kathleen Zielinski will be assuming her role as interim pastor at the end of June. I know that you will make her feel welcome as you did for me and my family. I have gotten to know many great people like fellow clergy, those awesome support workers in the schools, government officials, newspaper editors and journalists, postal carriers and workers and the citizens who call this place home. I will continue to hold Faith UMC and Farmington in my prayers and love; may the blessing and power of the Risen Christ Jesus shine forth from every person, so that Farmington can be one of the epicenters of a powerful spiritual renewal that can sweep through our land – where we can be a people who love God, love our neighbor, and love the person who God calls each of us to be!

Rev. Kevin Fox