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Letter to the editor: City hall is a good temporary library

To the editor,

My name is Christian Gifford and I am a Star Scout in Boy Scout Troop 116 in Farmington.  I am working on my communications merit badge for Boy Scouts and one of the requirements is to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper expressing my opinion or sharing information on the topic I picked from your paper.

I have chosen the Dakota County library and the renovation that is being done to it. I think that the city hall is a good place for the books to be while the library is under construction because it is really close to the library.  

I think that the silos in the children’s area (of the renovated library) will be cool; my 7-year-old sister is exited to check them out. I am excited to see the new technology that they will have available.  

 Thank you for reading this.

Christian Gifford,