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Letter to the editor: Faith Church congregation left out again

To the editor,

It is unbelievable that we, the Congregation of Faith are once again being cast aside as an old shoe, even after “they” realized “they” went about the closing of Faith the wrong way. And so I ask, what merit does the hierarchy of the Methodist Conference have to be called Christian? For the second time in five months the people of Faith have had a to read of what is happening within our church and at a time when EVERYONE of us should be informed of that happening. BEFORE we read of it in the Independent. 

I will paraphrase some of what Nate Larson, chosen to lead the attempt to unfold this ministry in Farmington and Empire, said in his interview with The Independent. What stood out at first reading was his statement, “to just start something without getting to know the community is pretty arrogant.” Well, it was pretty arrogant of the hierarchy to just start something without knowing or getting to know or even care about the feelings of Faith. But that may have been part of the plan, which by the way, the exact form of that outreach is not yet clear. Really, after five months.

“We’re just trying to create a place for people to belong.” Where would that place for the senior members of Faith be? If we were to poll our senior members how far do you think they would be willing or want to drive to attend? Remember we live in Minnesota. “I’d love to be something that people in the community know exists even if they never participate.” Is that the answer?

Phyllis Betzold,