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Letter to the editor: Sculpture brings message of peace

To the editor,

In the year 2000, an 18-ton boulder of gem quality jade was discovered in the far north of Canada. It was named “Polar Pride.”

A jade Buddha for universal peace was created by Ian Green, a man from Australia, who first saw the Polar Pride in early 2003. That night, Lama Zapa had a vision that it would become a Buddha that would illuminate the world. The next morning he told Ian Green, “You must make this enormous gemstone into a Jade Buddha as a holy object to offer to the world.” It has become an inspirational symbol for universal peace.

The jade Buddha was consecrated in Sydney, Australia, in Dec. 2009, by the Dalai Lama. The Jade Buddha for Universal Peace is being taken on a tour of the world in the wish that it will inspire everyone who views it to reflect upon peace: peace in their relationships, peace at home, peace at school, peace at work and peace in their mind.

On August 6, a ribbon cutting will be held at Watt Munisotaram, the Minnesota Cambodian Buddhist Society Temple in Empire Township. It is the world’s largest jade Buddha and is eight feet high and weighs 4.5 tons. The international achievement was five years in the making. The Minnesota Cambodian Buddhist Society is bringing it to Empire Township for five days. It will be on display Aug. 6 through Aug. 10.

Lavonne Nicolai,

Castle Rock