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Letter to the editor: Points to consider

To the editor,

On behalf of the kids and families of Farmington I would like to thank the school board, superintendent Haugen and the director of finance, Carl Colmark, for taking a look at some items that would not only improve the facilities for our kids but allow all of the taxpayers a sigh of relief that our money is being well spent and put back where it belongs.

1. Allowing our $100,000 bond funds to go towards a sprinkler system for the fields in front of Farmington High School. It was something that needed to be done for the safety of the kids. I may not agree with where the funds came from, but it is a great start and the right decision. Moving forward I hope items like this would be 100 percent funded by the facility fees paid by the athletic programs using our facilities.

2. Allowing our Farmington High School coaches access to the facilities to raise money for their programs, without paying the facility fees. This has been a work in progress for years that was continually road blocked by community education. Now each and every program that decides to run fundraisers for their programs through the school district, will benefit.

3. Facility fees. This really needs to be looked at. Taxpayers have already paid for these beautiful facilities in Farmington, and the fees collected should go towards the upkeep of these facilities. Currently, the fees Farmington Community Education collects go to subsidizing “their” programs and the remaining dollars go to the general fund for the school district. Farmington Community Education should be a stand-alone entity of the district and not depend on athletics for revenue. They should also be treated the same as the youth programs when it comes to using the facilities. Currently, community ed does not pay a participant fee for using the fields for the youth football program, nor do they pay an hourly rate for the in-house basketball program. I believe youth groups would be willing to pay a realistic fee, as long as it goes to the upkeep of the facilities and not to subsidize other programs. The $8 participant fee, as well as the hourly revenue taken in for gym use, should go to the athletic director to maintain the facilities.

4. Great decision by having the facility scheduler go under the athletic director instead of being controlled by Farmington Community Education.

5. Booster clubs. As our high school sports teams start to build booster clubs to raise funds for their specific programs, a great use of the Farmington Community Education Advisory Committee would be to fundraise as well for their programs if or when the athletic funding moves to the athletic department. This would help Farmington Community Education on the shortfall of revenue and maybe they would appreciate the time that all of the families put in as volunteers to improve the quality for the kids. I have previously served on this board and I would have supported this as a member to help Farmington Community Education, so I would hope that this would be considered.

  Again, thank you for listening and most of all for allowing common sense to prevail.

Steve Corraro,