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Letter to the editor: Don’t spend money on aquatic center

To the editor,

I am concerned about Farmington taking on huge projects that will raise taxes on all of us. The aquatic center being proposed by some costs more than $10 million. Our property taxes will skyrocket in order to pay for this. I want our city council to commit to not increasing taxes nor taking on debt to pay for this project. 

The upcoming election has three people running for two seats on city council. I spoke with Tim Pitcher who committed to not increasing taxes or debt to fund the aquatic center. Jason Bartholomay stated in the election guide that he will not increase taxes for it. David McMillen hasn’t been to my door yet, but as chairman of the parks and recreation commission he’s said that he wants to spend the money to build the aquatic center.

I’ll be voting for Tim Pitcher and Jason Bartholomay for city council this election to keep taxes low and not take on pet projects that we can’t afford. For those currently on city council, please vote no on the aquatic center spending. 

Lisa Wilson,