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Letter: Support for Farmington’s ballot questions

To the editor,

Please join me in voting “yes” for Farmington Schools in the upcoming election. On Nov. 3, Farmington residents will be asked to vote on two school funding requests. A “yes” vote on both items will lower class sizes, maintain educational programs, add Kindergarten classrooms, improve security and maintain buildings, which includes repairs to roofs and heating/cooling systems.

The Farmington School District currently spends nearly $2,000 less per pupil than the average Minnesota school district. At some point the district needs the financial support of taxpayers to provide a quality education for our children. That time is now.

Yes, there are instances in the past where I and others may not have agreed with the district’s financial decisions, but we cannot allow those disagreements to prevent us from voting “yes” now. If voters do not approve the levy, the district has said that they will no longer be able to fund elementary band or kindergarten aides and it will increase the average class sizes in grades 1-12 by eliminating teachers and academic programs. Farmington schools already have average class sizes than the surrounding metro districts.

The consequence of an unapproved levy is too high and the price will be paid by our students. For those reasons, I urge voters to vote “yes” twice on Nov. 3.

Christina Borlik,