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Editorial: Don't revisit investigation report

Last week in this space we lamented that the Farmington School District received little of tangible value with its investigation of board member Tim Burke. The board censured Burke for his behavior, passed the information on the the county attorney and hoped Burke would change his ways.

It seemed like wishful thinking, especially in light of the fact the board was about to get three new board members who have been sympathetic to Burke.

Now it appears that the new board is not done with the report. New board chair Tera Lee asked that board members be provided with copies of the report so they could investigate some other issues.

We agree the board should have access to the report, but we're concerned by the idea the board will suddenly start digging through this report for a purpose for which the report was not originally intended. Burke said Monday he raised some concerns during his interviews for the report he would like to see explored further. We're not opposed to investigating wrongdoing in the district, but to this point Burke is the only one who has raised any concerns. That's hardly a reason to jump back into this process.

Absent evidence more compelling than statements Burke made to the investigator, we believe it is time for the district to put this investigation behind it and work on the new beginning many hoped it would create.

It should not, however, pretend the document does not exist. There was some resistance Monday to the notion of putting the redacted version of the final report on the district's web page. Board member Julie Singewald worried that it would take focus away from positive things in the district. She read an e-mail from a Realtor who complained that negativity in the district was making people less interested in buying homes here.

That is unfortunate, but it's the school board that started this process. The residents paid for that document, and they should have ready access to the result.

We're not asking the district to splash the document across the top of its page. Fill that space with good news. But the document should be on the web page. And that should be the end of this.