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Boys Basketball: Q & A with Shane Wyandt

Shane Wyandt is a physical education teacher and the head boys basketball coach at Farmington High School. The Tigers have won 35 games over the last three years, including a 13-14 mark last year, since going 1-24 in 2005-06.

Where does this team sit going into the first week of practice, based on where you finished last year and who you have coming back this season?

SW: I think we're pretty optimistic. We didn't end on a great note last year. We got off to great start, then faced some adversity and didn't finish the way we wanted to, but I think maybe we'll learn a few lessons from that kind of stuff.

Josh Zitzmann and Jake Lippert are both seniors. Both were all-conference players last year and both played ball this summer and fall. Are they ready to take it to another level as leaders on the court?

SW: I would hope so. Both Josh and Jake have been up since they were freshmen. Both of those guys have seen the improvement every year since they've ben up and they're looking to take that next step.

What other players look to fill out the varsity roster and the regular rotation?

SW: Granted tryouts go as we see fit, I really believe and the staff believes we have seven guys that could start. It's a nice luxury to have. We can go with different matchups and play to our strengths. We have some other talented seniors, (Brent) Beenken and (David) Steege back as our big man and several juniors who will make an impact this year: Justin Lavey, Logan Hussung, Kyle Winkelman, Connor Duffy, guys like that who are going to contribute quite a bit.

The team was up and down as far as consistency last year. You beat Shakopee and Red Wing, then lost quite a few games in the second half and lost to Northfield in playoffs. Do you feel like another year of experience will help the team's consistency this year?

SW: Yeah, I would hope so. Everything that could go wrong did there in a stretch. It was hard to recover from. Then we ran into a hot Northfield team in sections. Northfield is another team coming back with all guns firing. They're one of the favorites in our section, as well. I think we're ready to take the next step. We're going to be the hunted a little bit. That's kind of a fun thing to be.

What other teams in the Missota Conference are you expecting to provide a tough challenge?

SW: Shakopee is going to be there until someone proves them otherwise. they've been there about a decade. Like I said, Northfield has a lot coming back and Prior Lake has some nice pieces. They just lost one of their better players due to a transfer, but they'll still be a decent team. Holy Angels kind of rounds it out at the top, but Red Wing and all the other teams are always ready to play ball too. You can't sleep through any night.