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Girls soccer: Tigers sidelined by H1N1 flu

Two confirmed cases of the H1N1 flu virus led to the Farmington girls soccer team postponing Thursday's game at Shakopee.

Junior Alaina Trowbridge was the first player to experience flu-like symptoms last weekend, according to coach Rob Carpentier. Trowbridge was missing from last Tuesday's 3-0 loss at Northfield when several other players started to feel sick. Both Trowbridge and junior Devyn Alberts were later diagnosed with the H1N1 virus.

"We went down to Northfield and you could tell the girls were out of it," Carpentier said. "It pretty much wiped us out last week."

Eight players were out on Wednesday and 10 players were missing due to illness by Thursday, causing the Tigers' game at Shakopee to be postponed.

"By Thursday, the slight illnesses of Tuesday had blown up and hit a few more girls," Carpentier said. "There were two cases of confirmed H1N1, but the other five had very similar symptoms."

District policy is to have students wait five to seven days after their fever has subsided to return to school. The Tigers returned to practice on Monday with five players still out due to illness.

"You're contagious longer than you are with the usual flu, so we waited a few days," Carpentier said. "We gave them Thursday and Friday and the weekend off and had our first practice back today (Monday) with a few girls still missing."

Carpentier said that, weather permitting, Tuesday's game at Red Wing would be played.

"We will play regardless," he said. "With the section playoffs starting, it might be better that (the flu) hits us now rather than a week from now. As far as tomorrow, we have no idea until we see who will show up and who won't."

The Tigers have turned in the best season in program history this fall, posting an 8-4-1 record heading into the final week of the regular season.