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Swimming preview: Tiger swimmers put in work on Day 1

The Farmington girls swimming and diving team doesn't ease into the season.

The 50 or so high schoolers who reported to the first practice of the season Monday morning at Levi Dodge Middle School were treated to a 7,700-yard workout courtesy of 11th-year head coach Jen Marshall.

Marshall said her swimmers were ready for the base training, as about half of them spent the summer participating in club swimming and swim camps.

"They exceeded my expectations. They came in with a lot of energy and smiles, so I figured why not throw something hard at them and see how they respond and they did great."

Marshall said the team will continue putting in lots of distance in the pool until the school year starts as it tries to build a strong aerobic base.

"Come meet time they will be able to recover quickly between events and they won't be as fatigued at the end of the meets," Marshall said. "It helps throughout the season, too, as we taper down at the end of the season. The teams in the best shape will be able to peak at the end of the season when it really matters."

The Tigers returned for practice number two Monday afternoon, still enthusiastic despite the grueling morning workout.

"There were still smiles on their faces," Marshall said. "They were a little quieter, but that's a good sign. It means they worked hard."

The Tigers open the season next Thursday vs. Apple Valley.