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Twenty-nine complete Twin Cities Marathon

Twenty-nine runners from Farmington competed at Saturday's Twin Cities Marathon, with the top finish going to David Dykhuizen.

Dykhuiszen, 43, finished the 26.2-mile race in 3 hours, 14 minutes, 14 seconds to place 541st in the field of 8,212 total runners. He was 53rd out of the 598 male runners in his age category.

Rob Donahue and Earnest Parten were Farmington's next two finishers. Donahue completed the race in 3:28:49 and Parten crossed the finish line at 3:32:46.

The city's top female finisher was Jil-Renee Dessler, who crossed the line in 3:42:55. She was 1,878th overall, 402nd out of the race's 3,394 females and 54th out of 422 runners in her age group.

Dessler edged Farmington's second female finisher - Jennifer Helgeson - who completed the race in 3:44:45.

Farmington Results

David Dykhuizen, 3:14:14; Rob Donahue, 3:28:49; Earnest Parten, 3:32:46; Jill-Renee Dessler, 3:42:55; Jennifer Helgeson, 3:44:45; Leah Theorin, 3:46:05; William Solinger, 3:49:48; Shane Ferrozo, 3:49:48; Matthew Wilson, 3:57.:01; Monica Meier, 3:58:36; Greg Seidel, 3:59:56; Jason Schmidt, 4:01:16; Alem Tesfaledet, 4:03:57; Dallen Schnichels, 4:04:28; Jeremy Opsahl, 4:06:57; Jeffrey Miller, 4:09:28; Kimberly Peterson, 4:15:41; Pamela Nordseth, 4:18:28; Hoon Yu, 4:25:19; Steve Wilson, 4:28.37; Kevin Fowler, 4:31.32; Stacy Boatman, 4:35:20; Justin Runquist, 4:35:30; Brian Moorlach, 4:36:34; Michael Alberts, 4:44:58; Eirik Ackerman, 5:12:36; Krista Erickson, 5:25:00; Matt Hunt, 5:43:57; Lindsay McCarthy, 6:01:00.