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Gymnastics: Farmington hosts state meet

More than 200 youth gymnasts came to Farmington Saturday and Sunday for the Division 4, 5 and 6 MAGA state championships.

The Farmington Twisters and Rosemount Lucky Charms both competed in Division 6 Saturday morning. The Lucky Charms placed third with a score of 118.65 and the Twisters were sixth at 116.25. On Sunday, Rosemount's Shakin' Shamrocks placed third in Division 4 with a 123.55.

"Congrats to all the girls. They did an amazing job," Farmington coach Lynn Bauman said. "I think everything went very well. A big thank you to the MAGA, the high school families, the TNT employees and community education for all their help bringing the event together."


Novice, Vault: 1-Abigail Shearer-8.3 TNT, 4-Kaley Daniels-8.05 RLC, 5-Bailey McCuddin-8.0 TNT

Child, Vault: 1-Lexy Berger-8.5 RLC, 2-Izzy Yahr-8.425 RLC, 3-Madison Jones-8.4 TNT, 4-Myiah Scott- 8.375 5-Lauren Jorgensen-8.35

Novice, Bars: 6-Abigail Shearer-5.65 TNT

Child, Bars: 1-Alli Ziegler-7.325 RLC, 4-Olivia Passeri-7.2 RLC, 5-Myiah Scott-7.0

Novice, Beam: 3-Kaley Daniels-7.55 RLC, 6-Abigail Shearer-6.0

Child, Beam: 3-Olivia Passeri-7.35 RLC, 6-Izzy Yahr-7.15 RLC

Novice, Floor: 4-Abigail Shearer-7.7 TNT, 6-Kaley Daniels-7.3 RLC

Child, Floor: 1-Myiah Scott-8.475 TNT, 2-Madison Jones-8.15 TNT, 5-Tess Durscher-7.875 RLC

Novice, AA: 4-Abigail Shearer-27.65 TNT, 6-Kaley Daniels-27.10 RLC

Child, AA: 1-Myiah Scott-30.425 TNT, 3-Alli Ziegler-30.225, 5-Olivia Passeri-29.975 RLC, 7-Madison Jones-29.825 TNT