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Softball: Tigers, Irish square off under the dome

The Farmington Tigers softball team scrimmaged the Rosemount Irish at the Irish Dome last week.

The Farmington and Rosemount softball teams escaped the cold spring weather by moving into the Irish Dome for a scrimmage last Wednesday morning.

No official score was kept, but the live-game action gave both coaches an opportunity to evaluate their teams and find things they need to work on as they prepare for the upcoming season.

"It was a great experience to get out of the gym and play in some game-type situations," Farmington coach Paul Harrington said. "We know we have a lot of improvements to make to get where we want to be by our first game.... We will continue to work hard until then and throughout the season."

Finding out where her team needs to improve was also important for Rosemount coach Tiffany Rose.

"Both teams have things they can improve on, that's why we put the players into game situations," she said. "It gives you things to work on in practice."

The scrimmage also revealed some early-season promise for the Irish both on the mound and at the plate.

"The pitching was good from both our eighth graders," Rose said. "Hitting also looked decent. Some hitters who struggled last year shined."

Farmington also got its offense going eventually.

"Our bats got a real slow start, but finally scored a couple toward the end," Harrington said. "Rosemount played well in all phases of the game and it was good to face such great competition this early in the season."