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Farmington goalie's actions inspire strong opinions

Last week's incident set off conversations and arguments on various social media websites and internet message boards about what actions are appropriate for high school athletes when dealing with disagreements with coaches.

Marty Gliva, Facebook: Can't say I support what Krause did. I didn't start, or really even play that much my senior year of lacrosse, because there were sophomores and juniors who were better than me, but I still tried my hardest whenever I did. Obviously, I wasn't the biggest fan of my coaches either, but your team isn't about your coaches, it's about your team. And when I got to play on senior night, I scored on the other teams goal, not my own.

Paul Krieger, Areavoices: When schools or authoritive figures don't address problems, people take matters into their own hands. Personally I think this was an awesome way to show ones disgust and it doesn't appear the coaches or athletic department cared seniors were benched for underclassman to play...until now of course.

Jake Sorensen, Facebook: To embarrass your city on a national level is downright selfish. If there was any "proving" that needed to be done, he was successful in proving why he was the backup.

Patrick Bateman, Areavoices:The coaching staff apparently has decided seniors should be JV and JV should be seniors. So guys who've worked hard for four years are all of a sudden demoted.