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Cross country: Hyytinen, Peterson set the pace at time trial

The Farmington boys and girls cross country teams established their varsity seven for tomorrow's Dakota County Invitational with a two-mile time trial Friday in Northfield.

Returning state track and cross country qualifier Justin Hyytinen set the pace for the boys, running a time of 10 minutes, 33 seconds. Alex Hart followed in 10:57 and first-year cross country runner Devon Webb was third in 11:08.

Hunter Sevenich (11:46) and Matt Anderson (11:50) also came in under the 12-minute barrier. Ryan Newton was right behind at 12:02 and Josh Grimm finished seventh for the team in 12:15.

In all, 25 runners competed for the Farmington boys.

"The times this year are a lot faster than last year's times, which shows that their summer running is going to pay off," boys coach Lisa Lippold said. "Almost everyone dropped anywhere from 15 seconds to over two minutes for some. It was a great start to the season and we are looking forward to the Dakota Classic!"

On the girls' side, seventh-grader Lauren Peterson emerged to lead the team with a time of 12:23. Senior Maricia Pacheco, an individual state qualifier a season ago, and returning varsity runner Sofia Chadwick were both 24 seconds back with matching times of 12:47.

Returning runners Maricella Pacheco (13:22), Sami Hyytinen (13:25) and Sarah Cummings (13:29) were the next three runners in and another seventh-grader, Anna Palodichuk, earned the No. 7 varsity spot with a time of 13:29.

"It is very exciting to have two seventh-graders round out the top runners," Farmington girls coach Heidi Revels said. "The rest are returning varsity runners with experience who are going to be great leaders for the younger ones."

Alexis Johnson, Mariana Montbriand, Emily Schaffer, Abby Bollig and Kara Revis also ran the race for the girls.

The Dakota County Invitational begins at 2:20 tomorrow outside Eagan High School.