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Farmington 17th annual Ironman Competition

Junior Justin Gutsalyuk cleans during the Farmington football team's 17th annual Ironman Competition. Gutsalyuk won the 40-yard dash event. Photo courtesy of Scott Meier1 / 2
Junior Rick Johnson back squats during the Ironman competition. Johnson's back squat max was 463 pounds, second behind the winner senior Luke Kriesel. Photo courtesy of Scott Meier2 / 2

The Farmington High School football team held its 17th annual Ironman Competition on July 28 under the supervision of strength and conditioning coach Scott Meier. This year's winner was senior Brock Mogensen with 5,047 points. In second was senior Avery Filipek with 4,961 points and junior Adam Weed took third with 4,767 points.

The FHS strength and conditioning website explains the event as a "decathlon-style format with points assigned based on performance. Athletes are randomly assigned to one of seven testing stations, and rotate through all seven stations in the same order."

The seven events of the competition were the clean, 40-yard dash, back squat, L-drill (an agility drill), one-minute tire flip, bench press and vertical jump.

Meier, who works with all of Farmington's sports teams, said that he was happy with the team's speed and some of their power lift numbers.

Mogensen won the clean event with a 318-pound max as well as the tire flip with 38 flips in one minute. Senior Luke Kriesel won the back squat and bench press events. His back squat max was 497 pounds and his bench press max was 311 pounds. Junior Justin Gutsalyuk ran the 40-yard dash in 4.64 seconds, while Weed completed the L-drill in seven seconds. Junior Alijah Moe won the vertical jump with a 35-inch vertical.

Alec Hamilton

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