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How to write a successful news release

Here at RiverTown Multimedia, we consider developments in your business to be newsworthy.

RiverTown is aware of the importance of you and your company/business to the region. Business news has always played an important role in complete news coverage for our readers. With this in mind, we'd like to continue to fulfill the interest of our readers by covering local business and business people and providing you these news release/business news tips.

We always strive to provide accurate, timely and informative coverage of the business community. However, from time to time in circumstances where you may add staff, name new management, promote current employees, or earn peer recognition, we may not hear this news unless we heart it from you.

Like any other popular section of your newspaper, thorough coverage of the business sector is necessary for an accurate and complete reflection of the life and times of our region.

We openly invite you to let us know when you or your business is making news. Inasmuch as our staff attempts to stay on top of this type of news, we also depend on the eyes and ears of community members like you to relay such coverage.

Business news tips

At RiverTown Multimedia we want to publish your business news — both the major stories and routine developments. 

Major business stories would include the announcement of a retailer or industry locating in our area. The expansion/sale or closing of a business or industry considered to have a significant impact on our region. Include references which help explain your operation and the factors affecting business and industry in our communities.

Routine business news includes the announcement of new management, personnel, new professionals beginning practice in our community, attendance at or graduation from career enhancing seminars, promotions, Chamber Ambassador visits, sales and professional awards/recognition, donations or contributions to non-profit organizations, changes in franchises or dealerships, changes of major consumer items, and election to state and national offices within a professional organization.

Your advertising representative does not handle news stories.

News Release Guidelines

Questions to ask yourself...

1. Is my story newsworthy? As is the case with any news story, decisions on how the story will be handled will be based on human interest, prominence, proximity, impact and timeliness as well as other factors. 

2. Is your announcement self promotion or otherwise? If so, please understand promotional oriented news releases will be edited or may not run at all. If you need help, please give us a call.

3. If this news will be of interest to a variety of our readers, it is probably newsworthy.


When can this information be released? In many cases, businesses will release information to their local newspaper in advance, so the newspaper can expand on a story if warranted. All information submitted with a time sensitive release date will be handled in strict confidence.

Who: What person, company or both are we referring to? 

Ex: John Smith, 34, Hastings, general manager

What: Explain the point you want to get across to your reader — be direct and to the point.

Ex: ... was named to the Board of Directors of the United States Quality Printers Association.

When: When did this happen? Is it will timely? This is an important point. Many people and organizations delay these types of announcements and disqualify themselves as a result. Get the news release to us as quickly as possibly, even if it has to be done locally.

Ex: their 125th Annual Convention.

Where: Where did this happen?

Ex: The convention is held every fall in Orlando, Florida.

How/Why: List the credentials or story needed to support this news. This is also the area where you should list other relevant information pertaining to this news item. Please keep in mind that this is also where most news releases fall prey to promotional editing. 

Ex: The Printers Association bestows this privilege to individuals who have served the printing industry for a minimum of 15 tears and meet professional criteria set forth by the USQPA.