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Farmington's Anytime Fitness upgrades technology, redesigns studio

Farmington Anytime Fitness recently invested in a studio gym remodel to help clients achieve fitness goals with a full body scanner and garage doors for flexible studio space. Owner Kyle Henning (front) leads his staff with instructors Kyle Norman (standing left), Kyle Custer and Sheri Speckan. Kara Hildreth / contributor

Farmington's Anytime Fitness invested in new fitness technology to ramp up members' workouts and equip all with more detailed body information so each member can feel propelled to seek greater fitness.

The gym at 20700 Chippendale Ave. recently underwent an interior remodel and added a new piece of exercise equipment called an InBody scanner. The gym also knocked down a wall and installed two garage doors. The new designed space will give staff greater teaching options and allow clients more flexibility.

"We are basically doing a complete mindset change and that is why we did a remodel and we feel that is what our members wanted," said gym owner Kyle Henning.

Owner since September 2007, Henning enjoys helping clients reach fitness goals. Ten years ago Henning was injured in a rope swing accident at age 18.

"When I got hurt, I didn't think I would be good at anything because everything I was good at was taken away from me," Henning said.

As a former high school all-around athlete, Henning played football, basketball, track and he loved to water ski and race dirt bikes. He had to learn how to stay fit and exercise with limited mobility and while using a wheelchair.

Henning has been a personal success. He wants he and his staff to continue to help others reach their personal fitness goals.

"When I started working at Anytime Fitness — for the very first time — I thought I can be great at helping people accomplish a goal, and that is ultimately what made me want to do this and that is the drive," Henning said.

The goal is to aid veteran and new members and talk with them about how to reach fitness goals and live healthy, long lives. The gym prides itself on continuing to offer the best in personal service, classes, fitness equipment and now the latest in fitness technology.

The club invested in a new, full body InBody scanner that members can use for free. The full body scanner is simple, non-invasive and takes only a minute to receive a full report that gives volumes of information about a person's body.

"Now we don't guess what people need because we can use the scanner," Henning said.

The scanner reports on a person's pounds of muscle and fat, water weight and percentages of fat to muscle. It also gives a basal metabolic rate or reports many calories a person burns each day, naturally.

"It is a body composition scanner that gives us a full picture of what someone's body needs," Henning said, comparing the scanner to how a doctor uses a simple blood test to diagnose and prescribe a healing method for patients.

The gym added a large wall-mounted TV to give clients a visual that tracks a person's heart rate while exercising.

"There is a heart rate strap that goes under the shirt and a person's name pops up on the TV, and it shows their heart hate, how many calories they burned and if that person is above or below their targeted heart rate."

Clients can access workout reports after class via email. Reports serve as motivation for fitness goals. The reports can also be fun to engage in a healthy competition between fellow classmates.

"We have a couple guys who are super competitive and want to burn more than each other," Henning said. "Our world is ever evolving and we need more and more technology and our gym was kind of behind in technology but now we can give our members all the information they need."

Anytime Fitness offers two programs that cater to older adults, the Active Aging program and Silver Sneakers program.

"The number one cause of accidental death after the age of 64 is fall-related injuries," he said.

The Active Aging fitness program aids senior citizens to work on balance and mobility, making sure to maintain a range of motion and flexibility so they can easily get out of cars or get dressed independently.

Sheri Speckan directs and teaches older adults in the Silver Sneakers and Active Aging fitness programs.

"We work on the cognitive and emotional sides, too," Henning said. "We want to tell seniors they can still have goals and be extremely active and they do not have to give up things they enjoy doing."

Anytime Fitness also offers programs that give both a functional cardio and strength training workout at one time to keep an elevated heart rate.

"It gives you a dynamic workout and now with our scanner, we can almost guarantee results because we know what our clients need and we can keep track of what and when they are working out," Henning said.