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Experience relaxation at new Touch of Soul Massage studio in Farmington

Touch of Soul Massage owner Denson Malone opened a new studio inside the newly-renovated Farmington Mall and he looks forward to serving the community. Kara Hildreth / Contributor

Touch of Soul owner Denson Malone is ready to relax customers in his tranquil massage studio.

A licensed massage therapist, Malone opened his new massage studio a few weeks ago inside the renovated Farmington Mall. He looks forward to welcoming the community to come and take a tour.

"I am extremely passionate about what I do and the reviews I have gotten over the years speak to that because people can feel it, and that is where I am coming from when I am engaging in my body work, I am coming from a deep place within my soul," Malone said.

Touch of Soul studio will focus on two branches of massage — therapeutic and deep tissue that fall within that umbrella, as well as Swedish relaxation massage, but Malone said many clients enjoy a combination of the two types of massage.

"If a person has not had massage before and may be reserved, what I try to do is create an environment that is relaxing and stress free, and I think my demeanor can bring down any of their anxiety or fear," Malone said.

His wife and business partner, Angel, designed the new massage studio space with cool hues of blue and green that exude calmness and tranquility.

Malone, 45, admits he has come a long way since he opened a home massage studio nearly nine years ago. Touch of Soul has also been located for a year in the farmhouse off Pilot Knob Road and inside Get Tan in Farmington.

Malone insists on giving gratitude to Kari Bennis, owner of Get Tan, formerly located in the Farmington Mall.

"She asked if I would be interested in transitioning from my home base to a storefront as a renter who leased space inside the tanning salon," Malone said.

"If it wasn't for her providing me the opportunity to move from a home base to a storefront, then no telling where this business would be — I owe a lot to Kari," he added.

Joking how he is as large as a brown bear physically, Malone said he is gentle by nature.

Back in his college days, he played for the Minnesota Gophers football team as a defensive tackle.

"If I would have been meaner, it would have been something special," Malone said, heartily laughing.

Touch of Soul plans a future ribbon cutting and open house when the Dollar Tree retail business is finished and open since it is a neighbor in the newly-renovated strip mall.

Malone and Angel look forward to welcoming the community who can come take a tour of the new massage studio.

Today he is filled with energy because now he can devote 100 percent of time and energy toward giving to his customers and growing his business.

"It feels amazing because for so many years I have been working my tail off, and now I can reap the benefits of my own hard labor," he said.

Looking ahead five years down the road, Malone envisions employing a staff and providing opportunity for others in the massage career field.

"I think it is becoming more accepted as a way for providing care for people with busy, crazy lives, and it is a way to alleviate the toxic nature of stress in a natural way," Malone said.

"People are becoming more aware of the value of massage therapy," he said. One of his favorite clients is a senior citizen who values her sessions. She lives on a restricted budget but shares how she prioritizes massage right after her food allowance.

The Touch of Soul logo offers a branding image that truly speaks to Malone's feelings about massage. The logo shows an open and outstretched hand with a cutout of a person in the middle of the palm. There are colors of a sunrise or sunset that surround a body.

With his wife's creative design help, Malone came up with the business logo years ago.

"Back in college, I knew I wanted to open my own business someday, and I had in my unconscious mind to come up with a logo, and my wife and I came up with a vision and that was this idea of an open hand and a glowing soul coming out of the hand."

Touch of Soul takes massage appointments from its website.