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Dew Days readies for 40th anniversary

Lori Wilson of Farmington created an art sculpture of a tree at the Farmington Library’s Pedal to the Metal. the outdoor foundry was among the unusual events for 2018 Dew Days. Committee members said they hope to have a host of such special activities for the 40th anniversary festival in 2019. Kara Hildreth / Contributor

FARMINGTON—Farmington Dew Days committee already is brainstorming ways to celebrate next year when the summer festival marks its 40th anniversary.

Julie McKnight, a longtime volunteer who serves on the core committee, now serves as the treasurer of CEEF—Castle Rock, Empire, Eureka and Farmington Enhancement Group. By default, she is the treasurer for Dew Days. She notes that Dew Days founders Jim Bell and Tim Carey remain involved and active in leading a few festival main events.

"They started on a shoestring budget the two of them and they got a loan and they sold buttons and T-shirts. They made it happen on a wing and prayer and on a small budget," McKnight said. "Now 40 years later, we are still hanging on."

Dew Days 2018 ran June 12016. Now the committee is seeking volunteers and will consider reaching out to Mountain Dew to discuss how the company could participate in the 40th anniversary celebration.

"Thirty-nine years ago Farmington drank more Mountain Dew per capita and that is where the name came from," McKnight said.

"Now we have a new generation and we would like to connect and build a new relationship with Mountain Dew," she said.

This year Jake Cordes served as Dew Days co-chair, but first shadowed former chair Darla Donnelly for a few years. John Guist as the 2018 co-chair supported Cordes' leadership.

If anyone has any ideas to share, contact Cordes via email at The committee is always looking for more youth activities, especially for tweens and teenagers.

"If there were some events for 12 to 16 year olds in that age range, we would like to hear those ideas," Cordes said.

He reported he was happy with the overall participation, especially on Wednesday and Thursday evenings for the Flavors of Farmington and the Beer, Brats and Bingo events.

"We had good turnout for the car cruise on Friday night, and I think Saturday kept people away because of the rain and the sticky weather," Cordes said.

The Grand Parade was well attended. "We have had 40 years of parades and we have not had to cancel any parades in all those years," McKnight said.

"At this point, for next year, we want bigger events during the five days than what we have right now," Cordes added.

Offering gratitude to all the volunteers who provided helping hands during Dew Days, Cordes said the core committee of a dozen people made sure the events ran smoothly.

"If people want to volunteer with Dew Days, they do not have to be a coordinator because there are plenty of small tasks that people do not even think of," Cordes said.