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Recap: The hunt is on at the Dakota City Heritage Village

Rosemount resident Kathy Hoel brought her grandson Vincenzo who lives in Port Lucie, Fla., and he was delighted with the snow as he picked up a few candy eggs for his basket. Kara Hildreth / Contributor1 / 4
Youngsters scampered with parents to scoop up bright-colored, plastic eggs placed atop snow at Dakota City grounds and had fun filling Easter baskets. Kara Hildreth / Contributor2 / 4
Farmington Fire Department organized a well-attended community Easter Egg Hunt on April 13 at Dakota City, even with the snow fall this week. Kara Hildreth / Contributor3 / 4
Farmington Fire Department welcomed families including firefighters, Mike Johnson and Brian Hanson, alongside the Easter Bunny, Doug Rowe and Sparky, the department's mascot. Kara Hildreth / Contributor4 / 4

FARMINGTON — Children and their families braved the snowy grounds to snatch up Easter eggs April 13 at the Dakota City Heritage Village. The Farmington Fire Department Easter Egg Hunt was sponsored by the Farmington Business Association and provided over 10,000 eggs to be discovered by three age groups of children. Youth were able to gather 10 eggs apiece and pose for pictures with the Easter Bunny and Sparky, the Fire Department mascot.