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Empire Twp: Ordinance No. 510-G

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - 6:08pm

Summary for Publication
Empire Township

The Board of Supervisors of Empire Township adopted Ordinance No. 510-G Public Utility Ordinance on May 28, 2019 and approved this summary of Ordinance No. 510-G for publication.
SECTION 1.Purpose. The purpose of the ordinance is to conserve water resources and establish equitable fees for public utility capital expenditures and operating expenses for all utilities provided by the Township. The ordinance identifies responsibility of and for maintenance and repair of water and sewer lines.
SECTION 2.Water Supply, Distribution, and Conservation. This section establishes connection charges and user fees for municipal water service and identifies water conservation measures. Water meter tampering and frozen water line de-icing provisions are included.
SECTION 3.Sanitary Sewer Collection and Wastewater Treatment. This section establishes connection charges and user fees for municipal wastewater service.
SECTION 4.Service Lateral Liability. This section establishes the property owner's responsibility for repair and maintenance of sewer and water service lines from the building to the curb stop. The section also identifies the Township's responsibility for restoration, and the responsibility of the owner for locates and notice of leaks or failures.
SECTION 5. Private water not permitted in public systems. This section requires a complete physical separation be maintained between the public water supply and any private water supply system.
SECTION 6.Excavation and repair work in the right of way. This section prohibits work in the street right of way without a Right-of-Way Permit from the Township.
SECTION 7. Public Stormwater Management. This section establishes core facility charges and user fees for stormwater management service.
SECTION 8. Public Street Lighting. This section establishes user fees for public street lighting.
SECTION 9. Repealer. Ordinance No. 510-F is repealed and replaced by Ordinance No. 510-G.
SECTION 10. Violations. This section establishes penalties for any violations of the ordinance.
SECTION 11. Effective Date. Ordinance No. 510-G was adopted on May 28, 2019, and shall become effective upon publication.

Charles Seipel, Clerk-Treasurer