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Farmington Lions Club funds reader machine at Trinity Terrace

Farmington Lions Club donated a reader machine for residents at Trinity Terrace in Farmington. Club member Clyde Hansen (left) and Joy Lauterbach, Trinity Terrace activities director, stand next to the new reader machine at the recent Farmington Expo. Submitted photo

FARMINGTON — The ability to read is a necessity and joy in life but can become challenging with aging.

Residents who live at Trinity Terrace in Farmington were in need of reading assistance.

"The Farmington Lions Club heard about this need and rose to the occasion," said Joy Lauterbach, Trinity Terrace activities director. "They purchased us an enhanced reading machine."

Residents can now see better to read bills, books and newspapers and look at new and cherished, old photographs thanks to the donation of the new reader machine.

"There are numerous residents who are losing their vision yet they still want to have their independence with reading their own mail and paying their own bills and reading newspapers and books," said Lauterbach.

Clyde Hansen, secretary and treasurer for the Farmington Lions Club, said the club was happy to donate a $3,500 reader machine to the assisted living facility a few years ago.

When the Lions heard of the need for another reader machine at Trinity Terrace four weeks ago, the club was willing to fill the need by purchasing the new equipment.

One resident, Bud Thurmes, loves to regularly use the machine to read books and the newspaper.

The new reader is a stationary machine that magnifies print, yet simple and savvy for seniors to use by themselves. The machine even allows a reader to change the color or font of print, Lauterbach said.

"The reader just allows them to maintain their independence and dignity, and all those little things that younger people take for granted," Lauterbach said.

Giving back to the community

The Lions Club boasts 41 active members that raise funds at the bingo tent each summer at the Dakota County Fair and hosts a beer garden during Dew Days. The group also hosts a fundraising chicken feed dinner in September at St. Michael's Church in Farmington.

The club gives back to the community in many ways by garnering student scholarships, funding Special Olympics and giving to other community projects.

"Our main project is with vision and hearing and that is what we are here for — we give out free eye exams to kids in school," Hansen said. "If somebody has a problem buying eyeglasses and if they do not have glasses, we are out there for people in need."

The Lions Club holds meetings at 7 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month at The Legacy of Farmington, 22300 Denmark Ave.