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Caleb Bolton named Farmington Firefighter of the Year

Caleb Bolton

Farmington Fire Department announced Caleb Bolton as the 2017 Firefighter of the Year.

In the past year, he volunteered to serve at more than 60 percent of activities and responded to 64.4 percent of calls. He found time to take officer instructor training while maintaining a family life and a full-time job.

"Caleb has achieved this award because serving the community is his top priority and by making sure he places their needs before his own while always maintaining safety for his fellow firefights and those he is serving," Fire Chief Justin Elvestad said.

Bolton served at parades, basketball tournaments, station tours, National Night Out and rang the bell for the Salvation Army.

"He is dedicated to the job and all that it entails, the glamorous and not so glamorous, the fun and exciting and the boring and monotonous," Elvestad said.