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Letter: A call for a new kind of princess

Take a minute to think of what beauty means to you. Does it exist on the inside or the outside?

Think about Cinderella, Belle and Snow White. They're beautiful. Perfect, actually. Every little girl I've ever met wants to be a princess. They have perfect bodies, perfect teeth, smile and flawless hair.

No princess isn't perfect, but why? Why is it that every princess is perfect? My dream is for every girl in this world to feel beautiful, to feel perfect even through their hardest times. Families out there fighting for survival, wishing they were where or who someone else is.

Cancer kills over 1,500 people every single day. That's 547,500 people a year. If you're a survivor or a fighter, always keep your faith; never stop believing in yourself or others. You're strong and you're beautiful too. Nobody ever expects it will happen to them, but to those who do get diagnosed with cancers, families are devastated. But that doesn't give you a reason to ever give up or stop fighting. Just believe in yourself.

I want Disney to make a princess. A cancer princess named Hope, Hope standing for every family to believe and have faith. I want this princess to be without hair, to be young, around 9 years old. Her dress to be big, beautiful and pink.

I'm a 15 year old girl who is not a cancer patient, but I'm old enough to realize and to have dreams. I hope that I, one person, can make a big difference in this world. I can only imagine seeing all those little girls smiling, knowing that something big is representing them. So let's make this world a little bit better for over a million people and make a cancer Disney princess.

Briana Anderson,