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Letter to the editor: Thank you for your vote, Rep. Garofalo

To the editor,

As the local chair of Democrats in Farmington and Lakeville, and as a strong believer in equal rights and fairness for everybody, I want to commend Rep. Pat Garofalo (R-Farmington) for voting yes to allow same-sex couples to have the same freedom and legal rights to marry that many of us already have.

I am proud that the Minnesota DFL took the initiative to tackle this subject despite the impending threat by Republicans that this will divide the state like nothing since the Civil War. Rep. Garofalo simply voted to let people make their own life choices without government limiting their abilities to do so.

That idea of letting people "make their own life choices" is why I find it funny that Sen. Dave Thompson (R-Lakeville) who regularly uses the term "nanny state" to describe laws, voted to let our Minnesota government continue to make the decision for citizens about who they can or cannot marry. As Sen. Thompson and his nanny state hypocrisy embarks on a run to try and defeat Gov. Mark Dayton, I am thankful that Gov. Dayton also supports this legislation, and that two of the three people who represent me in state government said yes to this bill giving people more freedom.

Thank you Gov. Dayton and Rep. Garofalo.

Steve Quist,