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Letter: Trouble at Lake Julia park is bad for neighbors

I am working on a merit badge for Troop 119 out of Farmington. One of the requirements for this merit badge is to write to my local paper about an opinion I have. I live by Lake Julia Park where just about every night in the summertime there are always people there through the late hours of the night. It’s very often that the police have to be notified about these kids who are at this park, and every morning there is more and more garbage or glass just waiting to be stepped on by someone who actually goes to the park to enjoy it. I am not saying that certain people shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy the park. I am just saying that there should be more done to stop these kids from making a mess of our neighborhood. Some ideas that I have come up with is having a routine squad car patrol the park between the late hours of the night. Another possible scenario to keeping trouble out of the park is having street lights in the parking lot. Lake Julia is an excellent park but the increasing amount of trouble is starting to cause a burden for the people who live by it.