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Letter: Budget is against the best interests of Minnesota

As a voter, I have a huge problem with the proposed "fix" to the ACA currently under review in the House. The fact that it will lead to significantly higher uninsured individuals, shift costs to the state government, and benefit the wealthiest of the population is un-American and unacceptable.

The report from the CBO estimates there will be 24 million more Americans uninsured under this plan than are currently insured, despite population growth. This is NOT due to choice, but rather due to HUGE increases in cost that make insurance unaffordable.

At the state level, the estimate is that $1.3 to $6 billion dollars of cost is shifted from the federal government to the state of Minnesota. In what way is this responsible government? Accounting shifts do not solve financial problems for me or for the government. This type of maneuvering was done under Gov. Pawlenty and left schools holding the bag. I pay federal taxes and expect them to benefit the country, which is definitely not the case under this proposal.

As an individual, I would financially benefit from this proposal, but that is short sighted and not the point. I receive a larger benefit from living in a country that has a healthy, educated, productive population. It is critical that the population is healthy and I should pay to make sure that happens. Prior to ACA, 46 percent of bankruptcies in this country were due to medical bills that could not be paid. Under the ACA, the percent of bankruptcies due to medical bills has plummeted. This impacts me and everyone in the country.

The combination of the health care bill and the proposed federal budget has me asking, why am I paying any federal taxes? For a beefed up military? This is the most ridiculous budget I have ever seen. There is NO benefit to anyone in this budget. Health care is slashed and costs are shifted to the states, NIH is slashed, NOAA is slashed, education is slashed, and there is no increased spending on infrastructure. The only increase in the proposed budget is an increase in military spending, which benefits no one.

The proposed health care plan and the federal budget are clearly against the interests of Minnesota.