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Gov vote: integrity and skill

For twelve years, I served as an elected member of this citys council. While I decided not to run again in 2016, I loved working with constituents of all political stripes - deep conservatives, moderates, liberals, and everything in between. It was gratifying to serve, connect with all, and create good government.

Good government - whether you like it smaller or larger - matters. Good government still happens, even with the federal swamp in full bloom and foreign powers poisoning our dialogue. Good government doesnt happen by chance, and it doesnt happen through cynicism or whining on the Internet.

Good government happens when we - when you and I - elect people who are skilled, honest, and dedicated. There are some good choices for Minnesotas next Governor out there, and I am not here to sling anything at any of them. I am here to advocate for the candidate with the highest skill, integrity, and dedication out there: Erin Murphy.

Erins political positions are smart and valid, and many will vote for her because they agree on those issues; that is secondary to me. Erin works harder than any other public servant Ive known - and I know some amazing ones. She travels to every corner of our state, listens respectfully to each person she meets, and has developed ideas to make our lives better. She fights and she wins: she stood up as Majority Leader to then-Governor Pawlenty at a time when funding for our new bridge hung in the balance, and she scored a big win for us.

I want a Governor who proves every day that theyre paying attention and that they know who pays their salary. I want someone who doesnt flinch or stall when it comes to making Hastings, and the rest of Minnesota, a welcoming place. I want someone who understands and respects what the younger generations expect from their leaders. I want good government. Im voting for Erin Murphy on Tuesday, August 14 and hope you will too!

Anthony (Tony) Alongi

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.