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Vote for Tina Folch

It's time for a fresh voice to represent all of us in Minnesota's House District 54B. In my 'old guy' opinion, we desperately need more youthful representation and more women to help solve issues for us in government. Tina Folch has the public service experience, intelligence, curiosity, listening skills and energy to be our best choice. While in office, the priorities you've asked her to tackle are (1) infrastructure improvement (2) accessibility to higher education (3) affordable, good quality medical coverage and (4) stewardship of our State's precious resources. So, these will be her focus. A Hastings area mom of two teenaged sons, this no-nonsense woman has proven she knows how to work with others and drive results. Starting September 24, you can vote, and I encourage you to give Tina a shot, you won't be disappointed!

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.