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Tina Folch for House Believes in Local Control

During the past two years, an alarming attack has been taking place against city government from the Capitol. In all, 54 bills were introduced by mostly Republicans to take away local decision-making power, known as preemption bills. Nearly all the bills benefit big corporate businesses in a variety of forms. For instance, cities can no longer deny wireless companies if they want to place small cell towers on government owned structures unless it is essentially a public safety hazard or historic structure.

Early in 2017, both the Hastings and Cottage Grove City Councils passed a resolution formally stating that we felt we were in the best position to determine what health, safety and welfare regulations were best to serve our local constituents. And we followed up with communications asking our local legislators to stop these attacks. But our requests were ignored by Rep. Tony Jurgens and he went on to support these bills.

Rep. Jurgens introduced and carried a bill to block raising minimum wage and paid sick-time ordinances in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Rather than allowing those closest to the people to decide what is best for their communities with higher living costs, he placed big business wants over the needs of the working poor.

I am running for the House because I think our Legislature is really broken right now. Limiting local control to benefit corporate America has caused a major rift between city and county officials and that of the Legislature. We need to find solutions to decreasing divisiveness in politics and it should start with State elected officials respecting the tradition of keeping local issues local.

Hastings Councilmember Tina Folch

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.