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Vote Lori Braucks for City Council

Please join me in supporting Lori Braucks for Hastings City Council. Over the last four years, Lori acquired a great deal of experience dealing with local legislation. Her honest, pragmatic, and hopeful leadership sets her apart from the other candidates.

As a lifelong resident, Lori understands the challenges Hastings faces as well as the potential our great community holds. She is passionate about continued improvement and smart growth. Whether dealing with zoning issues, community interests, or public safety affairs, Loris experience makes her capable of holding true to her commitment of doing what is best for the city not always herself, not always for a certain group of constituents. Her commitment to doing what is best for our city is admirable.

She has a proven track record of being approachable and available to residents. Whether needing clarification or voicing a concern, Lori has always been respectful to my viewpoints.

With proud enthusiasm I support Lori for city council.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.