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Angie Craig listens!

As small towns across America dwindle, improvements to Main Street in Hastings have brought energy and vitality to our community. Our city made wise infrastructure investments in the Riverwalk, Rotary Pavilion, and increasing access to downtown.

These investments spurred economic development, like the Spiral Brewery and new boutiques along Main Street. (My wife spends a lot of time in EyeCandy ReFind!) Angie Craig, who is running for Congress in the 2nd District, understands what makes our towns a great place to live and work because she is getting out in our district, talking to business owners and regular working people.

Angie recently visited Hastings to listen to members of our community and explain where she stands on issues, like infrastructure spending, healthcare, and education - issues that impact people like you and me. Thats the kind of transparency and leadership we need in our representative.

I hope you join me in voting for Angie on Tuesday, November 6th.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.