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Tammy Block for City Council

My wife and I have lived in Rosemount for thirteen years. We moved here because of the greats schools and Rosemount has been a wonderful place to raise our children. During our time here, Rosemount has changed very little. In some ways, that has been nice; we retain a small town appeal that many enjoy. At the same time, I worry that Rosemount is missing an opportunity. The population of Rosemount has nearly doubled since we moved and yet the town is fundamentally unchanged in terms of amenities, retail and commercial development, and employment opportunities.

It is for these reasons that I am voting for Tammy Block for Rosemount City Council. Tammy shares my belief that Rosemount can be a destination in the south metro: a place that people go to shop, to work, and to enjoy our downtown.

Tammy is a small business owner, a lawyer, a volunteer, and a mom. Shes fantastic in all these roles. I met Tammy when she was volunteering as the treasurer for our local scout pack. If youve ever bought popcorn from a Cub Scout in Rosemount, chances are good Tammy made sure your purchase helped that scout go to summer camp. As treasurer and as a small business owner, Tammy understands the importance of making careful financial decisions while also investing in the future.

I know Tammy as a leader with a passion for public service and a life-long commitment to helping others. For years she helped guide the inspiring work of organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Make-A-Wish. She thinks creatively and knows how to take advantage of opportunities and partnerships to move an organization forward. We need that kind of leadership in Rosemount. Too often Rosemount has been idle while our neighbors have embraced change.

Yesterday I drove to Apple Valley to do some shopping. The day before my family drove to Eagan to enjoy the water park. The weekend before we drove to Northfield to visit their vibrant downtown. Every day I drive out of Rosemount for work. I look forward to a day when we can do all those things without leaving Rosemount. Vote for Tammy and she will help make Rosemount a great place to live and work.

Greg Schultz

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.