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Sen. Bigham supports Tina Folch

There is a lot at stake for this upcoming election. We need leaders at the Capitol that are going to work with our local elected officials to efficiently provide services for our communities. Through my years as a state legislator, I have always respected our local government partners. During my time as a county commissioner and city council member, I reminded our state legislators that local government is an essential partner in providing the necessary services for our communities. My criticism is the State keeps pushing their responsibility onto the local governments without sufficient funding, or what is known as an "unfunded mandate."

Tina Folch is a Hastings City Council member and she understands the important relationship that exists between the various levels of government. She understands that local governments need to be at the table and have a voice in solutions to the problems affecting our communities. She knows that unfunded mandates from the State often result in increased property taxes. Tina has the experience to be a strong voice for all of District 54B, which includes the Hastings, Cottage Grove, Afton, Denmark Township, and Nininger Township. Please join me in supporting Tina Folch for State Representative. Vote for Tina on or before November 6th!

State Senator Karla Bigham

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.