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Attorney General

The Minnesota Attorney General position is open and will be on the ballot Nov 6th. The A.G. is the officer responsible for the protection and preservation of the rights and liberties afforded to the citizens of MN. (

The MN State Constitution does not require the officer to hold a license to practice law. Nevertheless, where there is a choice to have the office filled by a candidate who is more than qualified to hold the position by being authorized to practice law, I feel a responsibility to vote for such a candidate.

My vote will go to Doug Wardlow. I feel that he is the candidate that will best protect and preserve our rights and liberties as citizens of MN.

I would not choose to see a person for medical care that was not authorized to practice medicine. Why would I vote for a candidate that was not authorized to practice law to fill the Attorney General position?

Join me in voting for Doug Warlord.

Leilani Holmstadt

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.