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Vote for Mary

Anyone who has lived or worked in Hastings for any length of time already knows Mary Fasbenders commitment to this community as a long-time small business owner, as a tireless volunteer, as an active leader in city commissions and in her church and as an enthusiastic cheerleader of all things Hastings. Through the thousands of people Mary has come to know across our city and her thousands of hours of dedicated service, she has a deep understanding of the history, wants, needs and aspirations of our community. This alone would make Mary an outstanding mayor. For me, however, his is not the only reason I am voting for Mary.

Mary has my vote because she is a true leader. Not only is she a leader in the sense of her willingness to step up and give her time, talents, insights, and unending energy, but in the way that she encourages and aspires others to do the same to better Hastings. Mary was one of the first people I met when I moved to Hastings twenty years ago. Before I knew it, I was a volunteer directing runners at Gobble Gait. Since then, Mary has continued to encourage many others and myself to stay involved in and give back to the community she loves so much. Mary not only has the vision and dedication to serve as mayor, she has the ability to connect with everyone on a personal level and inspire all of us to work together to continue make sure Hastings remains a wonderful place to live and work.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.