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Tina Folch for house

I and my family have been part of the Hastings community for many years, and I would like to recommend to you, Tina Folch as our state district representative. Tina has impressed me with her experience. For example, her work for the state/local over the 20 years has included the Minnesota Departments of Public Safety, Employment and Economic Development and Transportation. She is currently a councilmember for the City of Hastings and a contract administrator for the City of Red Wing. I believe she is highly qualified.

Tina has impressed me with her temperament. She is calm, competent, and thoughtful and would actively seek input from her constituents to include them in the legislative decision making process. As a good person, you could trust her with your wallet and be responsive to the needs of your family. I cannot think of a better representative for 54B than Tina Folch.

Jim Pechacek

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.